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Solar Power at 1711 North Main

Electricity is generated at 14 volts DC at the photovoltaic collectors on the roof of the building. The electricity is configured for 54 volts DC in collector boxes on the roof and then transmitted to the Junction Box seen below. Downstream elements are protected by routing the power coming in from the Junction Box through an Overcurrent Module. The power is then optimized for maximum efficiency in the Charge Controllers. Next, the power flows to the Inverter. The batteries maintain approximately three days of carryover power for essential computer and lighting loads. The inverter directs power to the batteries if they need to be charged, or else it is converted to 120 volts AC, phase-matched, and fed into the building supply. Excess power flows to the line-tied meter, where it enters the utility’s power grid. Click here to see a graph of power bought and sold from the utility.